Monday Minute - Walking the Yard

You know how sometimes a walk around a boat yard can inspire and entertain? I was making my way to the marina office when I saw this trawler waiting for spring. Fully covered in shrink wrap, it was hard to get much information about what it was, where it came from, and what is with the bow thruster tube!?!

I had to stop and inspect this as it didn't seem right from any angle. The thruster itself was centered in the tube, far away from the sides of the hull, so why would the tube extend beyond the hull like this? The increase in drag through the water is completely unnecessary as far as I can see. Why would a boat builder do this? Anyone have any ideas?

Diesel Duck thruster1.jpg
Diesel Duck thruster2.jpg
Diesel Duck thruster3.jpg
Thruster HDR.jpg

  I wonder if there is a story here, or a simple reason I am not aware of for this tube to stick out this way... I asked a boat designer and he could offer no explanation.


On the other hand, I did see a couple of propellers installed the right way, with the half-nut on first. 


I am amazed how often it is done incorrectly. Good job!

Have a great week everyone!