Not every boat owner has the same approach to cruising. Some cruisers pass through an island chain, while others have a favorite harbor where they remain to engage the community. Each are valid reasons to be on the water. What kind of type of boat owner are you?

When His Get Home Saved The Day

Brian Calvert shares his experience of losing his Cummins diesel engine at a critical place and time. After trouble free operation taking him halfway around the world, its loss put him in peril. Thankfully, he installed a Wesmar auxiliary propulsion unit before leaving Seattle. This get home system saved him from serious consequences off the coast of Borneo.

Passage Notes

Excerpts from one of my notebooks of a passage across an ocean. So glad I keep notes, as the reality gets fuzzy and eventually lost once you are ashore, fully rested, and had a pint or two.

Ditch the Tint

While there may be good reason for tinting all the windows of a cruising boat, I prefer it otherwise for my mood on a boat. Turning a sunny day into a gloomy view outside does not contribute to a positive outlook.

Help From Above

Carrying an Air Band VHF radio on your next passage might be of value if you need to call for help. Even at high altitude, it is possible to communicate with a passing aircraft to get the word out that you have an emergency and need help. 

Recovering Warriors Go Sailing

The problems facing returning veterans with injuries is a bigger issue than most realize. The Naval Academy and the National Sailing Hall of Fame teamed up with other organizations to develop a program to get these veterans on the water sailing. They hope to offer a healthy alternative to move these recovering warriors away from the downward spiral that occurs when there are few options without the support they grew to rely on in uniform.

Things I Dislike on Boats

The first in a series of articles where I share my observations picked up from years of travel aboard every kind of cruising motorboat and trawler. Some of the things I don't like are easy to fix, others speak to issues in either design or construction...or both.

What's in a Name?

The EPA emissions regulations impose strict control of marine diesel engines. How have engine manufacturers coped with the enormity of researching new technology to meet these cleaner emissions  requirements? By global partnering with other engine manufacturers.

Did I Miss Anyone?

I started a list of trawler builders years ago. Just ran across it again and decided to publish it. Not every builder of powerboats is included, even if they were used by their owners as part of the trawler lifestyle, including a friend with a Post sport fishing boat. He chugs along with the rest of us.