The Ultimate FPB 3/3 - Engine Room Details

The final look at a most interesting passagemaker, the FPB-781 Cochise. The Dashews spared nothing to make this an ultimate voyaging motorboat, and it bristles with new ideas and clever solutions. This final Part 3 looks at the boat's engine room. Hopefully you'll see something that works for you.

Create a Speed/Fuel Burn Curve for Your Boat

Rather than guess what speed you should run your boat, it is important to develop real-world numbers of the speed and burn consumption your boat reaches at various engine speeds in open water. Depending on how your boat is equipped and loaded, and the propeller(s) you have, it is a straightforward process to develop a speed/fuel burn performance curve that will identify the sweet spot for running your boat at cruising speed.

Along the way of determining this ideal speed envelope, you will also get an sixth sense of when the hull and engine is in harmony as she glides through the water with maximum efficiency and reasonable fuel burn. This is a satisfying project every boat owner should create for his or her boat.

Monday Minute - Summary of the Navy's Official Incident Review

We've heard the unbelievable reports of Navy warships colliding with merchant ships, with loss of life among the Navy crew. How can this happen in our modern world, with all of the technology and control systems at our disposal!?!

Here is a comprehensive review of the four recent incidents in 2017, which reveal amazing issues and problems to be addressed at all levels. Reading these summary review findings gives insight into the complexity of today's warships.

And please take away from this that the initial fears of Russian cyberattacks did not occur, yet such a threat adds a chilling, what-if component to the reported scenarios.

This is serious business in a world that is increasingly dangerous, with threats we have yet to experience.

EGRET TALES OF THE SEA - The Island of Ponza

Cruising the Mediterranean is a unique experience, with rich history, fabulous cuisine, and crystal clear waters. The crew of Egret share their visit to Ponza off the Italian coast, a wonderful island that called them back several times. Scot and Mary urge you to go there on your own boat.

Adventure Series Conclusion

In this final piece on the Adventure Series, Scott and Mary wrap up their discussion of this very different kind of cruising motorboat, specially designed to voyage in higher latitudes. Hopefully someone will step forward to take this design into production, and the rest of us can witness the dawn of a new concept of adventure boating.

Goofballs on the Water

There are many reasons to go sailing across the horizon. But to do it without proper preparation, skill, and experience is not just stupid. It can put others at risk when they must brave the elements to save these people.

Also a few pictures of the Dashew's FPB 78-1, Cochise.

Adventure Series Design Article - Part Three

In this third article of the new Adventure Series motorboat, Scott Flanders walks through some of the features and design elements that came up from a meeting with his builder, a naval architect, and Bill Parlatore. The rough edges softened into more specific design spiral elements, and the design continued to evolve.

The Shows are Over

The scene around Annapolis is crazy when it is boat show season. Every serious boater comes to town for one of the shows and we celebrate boating on a scale that is almost overwhelming. Friends, old and new, share stories, food, and wine. This is what cruising is all about.

It is my favorite time of year, and I wish I could share it with everyone I know.

So What is a Trawler, Anyway?

What exactly is a trawler? We begin a new series to help people select the right boat for their cruising agenda. Times have changes since the trawler-style boat could be readily identified by a hull shape and gleaming teak brightwork. Today it is a metaphor for the lifestyle. 

Monday Minute - Safety on the Water using IoT

Weems & Plath introduced a new safety device at the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis. I think it is pretty creative as it uses Bluetooth connectivity to link a smartphone to a wearable transponder. If the signal is lost, or the unit is immersed in water, the smartphone sounds the alarm with sound, strobe, and vibration.

It is a new application of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity.