Monday Minute - An Admiral's Secret to Running A Ship

The Recovering Warrior Sailing Regatta took place this weekend in Annapolis. It takes disabled military out for a day of sailboat racing with midshipmen from the U.S. Naval Academy, put on by the USNA, National Sailing Hall of Fame, and Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating (CRAB).

I got a chance to spend time with Admiral Phil Cullom, who shared his approach to commanding a Navy destroyer.

The Value of Rituals - Part 1

As the season moves into cooler weather, it is a great time to spend quality time checking and tightening everything on your boat, especially if you plan to head south for the winter.

Part I takes a first look at some things to inspect and tighten on systems.

When Is Disruptive Innovation Coming to Cruising?

Every so often something upsets the apple cart and created a new market for a product or service. It is called Disruptive Innovation. The cruising community is ripe for something new and different, something that challenges the status quo of big, expensive cruising boats that don't fit a more enlightened approach to sustainable cruising.

Monday Minute - Time to Repaint!

When elbow-tiring, hand-rubbed compounding and waxing no longer does the job, it may be time to paint your boat. Gelcoat is not intended as a forever finish, and 11 years was perhaps waiting too long. No worries, striking beauty is only a paint job and $$$$ away. And it is the start of the effort to take this great Hunt design and make it into the great boat it should be. 

Beyond Hollywood - Setting the Stage for Dunkirk

The new movie, Dunkirk, tells the story of the evacuation of 335,000 troops off the beaches of Dunkirk at the beginning of WWII. It is a victory within a terrible defeat, and brought together a British nation for the difficult task that lay ahead. 

But the movie focuses on a few, leaving out the larger picture of the enormity of such an undertaking. I try to fill in some details of this staggering event in history that set the stage for the ultimate victory.

Monday Minute - Keeping Your Batteries Clean.

Our first Monday Minute, sharing a piece of useful information from traveling around the world, visiting boat builders and suppliers to our industry. Due to the enormous diversity of the global marine world, spanning commercial, recreational, and military segments, many of these professionals know much more than we will ever experience during our boating years.

I find their tips and comments worth considering.