The Mindset of Non Delivery

The joys of cruising diminish when the trip becomes a monotonous routine, every day like the one before, always moving, pushing ahead to the final destination. It is a good thing to remember why you are out there, and find a way to slow down the daily grind, and enjoy the wonders that surround you each day.

Are Trawlers the Safest Platform for Cruising?

Are trawlers the safest choice for cruising? They can certainly be the most comfortable, but what about overall safety? It is an interesting question, and I hope we can begin a conversation about safety in today's cruising community. Cruising is all about fun and adventure, but it also should be as safe as we can make it.

The Boat Should Fit Your Plan

It is much more fun to live with a boat that fits your actual cruising plans, not some fantasy dream machine that is way more than you need or can afford. Finding a good fit makes for a memorable adventure rather than a trip down bummer lane. The number of big trawlers for sale for "health reasons" is proof that one should focus on the smallest boat that is big enough.

Not every boat owner has the same approach to cruising. Some cruisers pass through an island chain, while others have a favorite harbor where they remain to engage the community. Each are valid reasons to be on the water. What kind of type of boat owner are you?

When His Get Home Saved The Day

Brian Calvert shares his experience of losing his Cummins diesel engine at a critical place and time. After trouble free operation taking him halfway around the world, its loss put him in peril. Thankfully, he installed a Wesmar auxiliary propulsion unit before leaving Seattle. This get home system saved him from serious consequences off the coast of Borneo.

Passage Notes

Excerpts from one of my notebooks of a passage across an ocean. So glad I keep notes, as the reality gets fuzzy and eventually lost once you are ashore, fully rested, and had a pint or two.