Monday Minute - What's It All Cost?


I read a piece in Business Insider recently that portrayed a depressing perspective on boat ownership, or should I say Yacht ownership. Here is the link to the article.

Not sure what the motivation was behind this article. Let me know if you agree with me.

I don’t believe it is an accurate depiction of ownership costs, and frankly how many of us really lust after a big yacht that requires a full-time captain and crew?

Blue Heron Sailing Riatea, Society Islands-crop.jpg

A friend of mine is very familiar with a high quality sailboat builder. He told me the builder feels that one can reasonably figure two percent of the purchase price as the annual cost of keeping up with normal boat maintenance and cosmetics, if you have others do the work.

This is a topic we have covered over the years, and perhaps I can take a new look at it in a future post. Of course there are differences between a cruising sailboat and a cruising trawler, as trawler owners tend to install more appliances, toys, and equipment, which all require additional maintenance. Sailors tend to embrace simplicity as part of the lifestyle.

Will see where this goes. I already know many boat owners are reluctant to talk about the true costs, especially around their spouse.

Have a great week.